About Me

I’m Caroline Swanson, a content strategist. 

I help innovative technology companies get the attention of potential clients, communicate their tech in a way clients can understand, and continue to support and delight those clients or years to come.  By using cutting-edge social media, e-learning, support, and content technologies, I help companies tell their story in a way that resonates with potential customers and creates lifelong fans.

I fell in love with storytelling at a very young age.

Before I started school, I demanded that my mother teach me to read. Twenty-four years later, I completed a Master’s in Literature. I have been reading, writing, and telling stories my entire life. (I’m infamous for never being able to stop talking!)

My passion for technology and digital storytelling led me to eschew traditional writing careers and instead focus on media and online content -- enriching stories, brands, and businesses with the latest technologies.

The story I want to tell is yours. I want to share the stories of innovative creatives and businesses who want to make a genuine impact on the lives of their customers.

Today, I own my own business, helping passionate and innovative business owners share their ideas, their messages, and their solutions.

I teach them to use storytelling and social media to share their story with the world, all from my home office in Atlanta.

These are my furry office mates!

Does this sound like you?

I would love to help you tell your story!

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